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PMA Mixed Martial Arts

House Of Champions

The How and Why of PMA…...

PMA was first opened in the year 2000 in Menai at a small community Hall primarily so I could teach my own children concepts in self defence and anti bullying principles. What started out as part time tuition for my children and some family friends, developed into what today is a Premier centre in Mixed Martial Arts with hundreds of members. Members travel to PMA Padstow from as far as Wollongong, Campbelltown, Granville, Wentworthville, Bexley and from close by such as Bangor, Illawong, Alfords Point,Revesby, Picninc Point, Padstow, Riverwood, Panania and many more places.


With origins in Hapkido, Taekwondo, Karate and other traditional styles and after numerous competitions we had participated at local, state, national and International levels, I felt there was numerous points in traditonal styles that were missing so I sought further training in other less traditional and more competitive styles such as Thaiboxing, wrestling and grappling and incorporated this information into our curriculum.


PMA represents the very concept of its initials POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. A place where attributes such as non quitting, persistance, dedication, team work, individual performance and more are practiced hand in hand with respect and discipline. Attributes that has seen PMA build over 14 years in the Menai area and 5 years in the Padstow area.

The origin of styles that form the PMA curriculum moves in all areas from Japan and South Korea, to the land in Brazil and back to Thailand. I have explored and researched so PMA its Instructors, team and members could benefit of a reach and ample system that is practical, applicable, scientific, easy to learn and fun.


As a team PMA is known for its competitors to be fair, courteous and humble. Always willing to go the extra mile to help a fellow team member or opponent. This has taken numerous competitors and students to travel in my company for training and competition to events, such Legends in Macau and UFC in the United States.


Always keen to move forward and look after its members PMA will guarantee to look after you the best way we know possible, with integrity. Whether you would like to compete,or are preparing yourself for a big physical test, weight loss or simply to have fun, come and let me help you. 




Henrry Perez

Head Coach PMA