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Congratulations to Said Fatahifar - The Phantom

Saeid is the new Wollongong Wars Welterweight Champion !!!!

His Journey is one you won't want to miss, his dedication to his training, his team and more importantly himself is an honour for me as a coach to be part of, He is the perfect example for what PMA stands for POSITIVE - MENTAL - ATTITUDE

Gradings - August 3rd 

Invitations will be handed out during class times

Remember consistency is key on your black belt journey

XFC - 17th August

Mohammed Alavi takes to the cage for the XFC featherweight Title.

Another belt on the way.... You wont want to miss this!!

Superfight - September 6th @ Punchbowl

Event and competitor information to be advised

Word of the month -  Consistency

Consistency doesn't just apply to frequency of workouts, but how consistently the you adhere to the workout format. It's no surprise that those who follow their plan precisely are the ones that see the greatest improvements in performance. There may only be room for one or two breakthrough workouts per week.

 Hitting these important workouts consistently and correctly is the key to forward progression.


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